corporate secretarial services

Enitus All-Inclusive Corporate Secretarial Service

Singapore is a business friendly country. However, one may need to adhere to its strict secretarial requirements for business operations. Feel free to learn more about it’s various requirements here.
Enitus provide an extensive range of corporate secretarial services to meet your business needs. At Enitus, we provide a path to bridge compliance and advisory solutions to our clients.

Company incorporation

This is the preliminary footstep to conduct business. We assure of your necessary documents are in proper manner and all related requirements are met in order to establish your business footprint in Singapore.

Maintenance of Statutory Records and Minutes Books

This is a tedious process when your business continue to operate in the long term. We handle all your paperwork so that you could put emphasis on your core business operations. Among the important statutory records that require updates are

  • Annual Returns
  • Minutes Books of General Meetings
  • Register of Contracts
  • Register of Directors and Key Personnel
  • Register of Securities
  • Financial Records, Statements and Auditors Report

Resolutions and Minutes for Meetings

We assist to draft resolutions for crucial board actions such as opening of corporate bank account, vital corporate investments, acquisition of pivotal assets, key hirings, formation of certain corporate policies etc.

Filing of Annual Returns and Other Records

Business establishments has couple of deadlines to meet and certain legislative requirements to fulfil as accordance to the Companies Act, the filing of Annual Return to ACRA being one of the most crucial for companies. Enitus will accomplish all required tasks on behalf of our clients in a timely manner.

Professional Advisory and Other Compliance Measures

Very often, companies do face with uncertainties revolving their operations such as branching out to other new business venture not previously registered with ACRA, establishing a subsidiary or permits/licencing issues. In Enitus, we provide our upmost professional advice along with extensive experience gained over various industry sectors to our clients and the necessary steps to take to mitigate any compliance issues with government agencies.